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This site is dedicated to the Honorable people, those who did not cross the picket lines at Northwest Airlines, commonly referred to as SCABair.  Now that Delta and NWA are one carrier, Delta now picks up the moniker of SCABair, because they employ the same SCABS that NWA did.  

This site is intended for use by the Honorable. This is where the voice of the Honorable will be heard, along with other things of interest. This site is independently owned and operated and is advertisement, pop up and banner free.  Enjoy.  Make sure you refresh your browser to view the latest updates. 


Not their finest hour...

Brawl between 2 women at Waffle House in Auburn caught on video

By   Erin Edgemon

 A brawl between two employees of a Waffle House in Auburn was captured on cell phone video on Sunday.

Auburn police confirmed the fight occurred at the Waffle House located in the 1700 block of Opelika Road.

The video of the fight is more than two minutes long and includes graphic language. Another restaurant worker can be heard calling 911.

Robert Payne captured the video of the brawl, which occurred at around 3 a.m. He and his wife stopped in the diner after visiting an area bar, he said.

"(It) all happened so fast," he said.

Payne said the fight started after one worker asked another to move so she could wash dishes.

Capt. Lorenza Dorsey said the incident was over by the time officers arrived at the restaurant and no arrests were made.

"The parties involved, however, do have the option to have the case reviewed and/or pursued in municipal court if either desires to do so," he said.

A representative from Waffle House's corporate office in Georgia released this statement to AL.com: "We are investigating this incident and will take the necessary appropriate actions."  Watch the video here


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"Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are."  
- John Wooden